Areas of application for ky0x technology

ky0x Digital Passport

The ky0x Digital Passport enables users to leverage their off-chain, real-world data to attest for their reputations on-chain. Users provide permission to have their own verified data (e.g. identity, compliance, AML, credit) be attached to their wallet(s) or transactions without revealing any Personally Identifiable Information.

Partners can join Quadrata’s decentralized identity passport network to seamlessly allow passport issued users to connect to other passport-backed dApps without re-KYC'ing.

With on-chain compliance and credit data (soon to be available), permissioned users can improve their DeFi lending rates, and DeFi platforms can reduce lender risk, increase available liquidity and attract additional institutional investors.

ky0x Compliance Toolkit

Tool-suite and services for KYC and AML screening and compliance. Partners can deploy ky0x’s KYC verification and AML screening with only a few lines of code or issue ky0x Digital Passports via API with their existing KYC and AML results. In addition, KYB services will launch in Q2.

We’ll also provide your company with policy templates and hands-on assistance to set up a low-impact compliance program.

ky0x Data & Analytics

Starting with identity, compliance and credit data, ky0x is working to create an open bridging service that allows any developer to easily onboard other valuable reputation (e.g credit, financial, identity) data sources on-chain.

As more data is brought on-chain, we plan to create reputation and risk models to help further support the creation of new DeFi tools and services.

Kickstart DeFi’s Adoption Together

If you have an idea and/or think you can leverage ky0x to securely bring off-chain data on-chain, let’s partner to make it happen.