Identity &
Reputation Bridge
Unlock New DeFi &

Web3 Applications with Off-Chain Data


ky0x Digital Passport:

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Enable Web3 / DeFi applications or smart contracts to access off-chain identity, compliance, credit or other custom data with a few lines of code

ky0x Compliance Toolkit:

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Tool suite for on-chain and off-chain compliance

ky0x Data & Analytics:

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Off-chain data and analytics to evaluate reputation and risk

Project Roadmap

ID Passport
Q3 2021
Compliance Toolkit
Q4 2021
Credit Data
Q1 2022
Reputation Data &
Risk Analysis
Q3 2022
Ky0x enables off-chain data to be brought on blockchain without compromising users’ privacy.
It brings KYC/AML verification tools to on-chain wallet addresses and enhances DeFi platforms' ability to comply with regulatory requirements.
This will bring traditional credit data to the chain and will help enable DeFi platforms to create new financial instruments and applications.
We plan to leverage off-chain reputation (e.g. credit, identity, financial) data and on-chain activity to create comprehensive risk models.


Audited and Verified

Ky0x protocol security is our highest priority. Our smart contracts have been reviewed and audited by Quantstamp, and our source code, audit report are publicly verifiable.



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